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21 Jan 2019

Lawn Install

A great lawn is still a relatively low maintenance and cost effective way of providing an attractive visual surround to your property.
Proper preparation ensuring sufficient good soil, under lawn fertiliser and water retention agent will help to ensure a good lawn for the future.

Obviously, the point of installation is also the best time to consider pop-up irrigation depending on your personal circumstances.

22 Jul 2015

Retaining Wall Construction and Garden Tidy Up

The images shown here are of a replacement retaining wall. Prior to our visit much of the lovely brush fence was covered in Ivy and either invisible or unattractive due to being covered in dead Ivy. A sound retaining wall is essential for the structural integrity of the fence and stops the embankment being washed away into the lower property during winter.

22 Jul 2015

Shade House Construction

Shade houses can provide an instant change to a back yard. They provide an enclosed environment for your plants to shelter from our harsh climatic conditions and simultaneously provide additional privacy. Once established they are typically low maintenance and usually can be watered by a single irrigation station.